How To Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Fidgeting And Have Fun Too!

Stacy K

There's a hot new craze that is literally capturing the attention of America's kids—and quite a few adults too.

They're called fidget spinners. A fidget spinner is a gadget about the size of a drink coaster, with a bearing in the middle that allows it to spin. They're generally made of metal or plastic and feature two or three prongs that blur, entrancingly, as they twirl. 

You play with a fidget spinner by spinning it in your hand. You can also put it down and watch it spin on a table or the floor, on a pencil, on your nose etc.

What seems like such a simple toy has actually launched an official phenomenon, with kids going crazy for them all over the globe.

Surprisingly prices can range from about $13 all the way up to $460. 

What makes fidget spinners especially interesting is that they're not being promoted as fun, simple distractions. Just the opposite, actually. The pitch is that fidget spinners help the user to stop fidgeting and focus better and are designed to relieve Stress, Anxiety, ADD & ADHD, Autism.

"It stimulates the part of the mind that gets bored, so they can fidget with that, and then they can be creative thinking otherwise," the owner of a pair of Learning Express stores in Pennsylvania said regarding fidget spinners. "The part that gets bored gets stimulated, and it helps them focus the other part of their brain."

It's not just kids who are hypnotized by fidget spinners. They've become the favorite office toy for many grownups who might otherwise be absorbed with Baoding Balls or fidgeting relentlessly at work.

Any way you slice it, the fidget spinner is a big hit in a big way and in hot demand. 

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